Just too much of everything.

This painting is my latest album cover (so far only on bandcamp). I have so many pieces of art and over a 100 vocal & piano songs recorded--so much material--and I realize most of it will not matter one bit to anyone else. Most of it won't be seen or heard even if it's out there available and I'll just die with all this stuff. Then I wonder it might mean something more when I'm gone, but I know that's hoping too far. None of it is THAT good...lol There are others who are always better and who will get the opportunity you miss out on or you weren't lucky enough to catch. I'm used to feeling insignificant, but on more than one occasion I've thought about just trashing all my art, deleting my songs and saying no more creating just to have it collect and then see that's as far as it will go. Do others ever make you feel bad for not getting the type of financial success or acknowledgment given the amount of things you've completed? I can't tell you how many times I've had people say "you should sell your art!" but when I started a poster shop online those same people wouldn't give me the time of day. I usually regret taking up advice like that. A whole lot more wasted time I can't get back.

Allyson Marie