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Professional Electronic Press Kit For Musicians

As musicians, we know how important it is to look your best sometimes. To help you present yourself and your music in the best light, we've created the Electronic Press Kit promotion tool. It gives you the opportunity to create a custom page where you can showcase your songs, photos and videos, along with some additional info about your music personality.


Additional radio plays means that a lot of people on Drooble will be certain to hear your music. Drooble Radio will bring more attention to your music. Perhaps even lay the foundation for a future collaboration.

Tune of the Day

Got a new tune you'd like people to check out? Or an oldie that just needs a bit of publicity? Тune of the Day will feature your song, so every musician who browses across the platform could see it.

Video of the Day

Sometimes audio and visuals can't do without one another. If you've got a video to share with the world, get the Video of the Day feature and show it to thousands of musicians worldwide.

Artist of the Day

Thousands of musicians from all over the world will see your page and become your followers.

Album Review

Are you proud of all the hard work you've put into your album? You should be. If you decide to spend your Karma on this option, your music will be reviewed professionally and shared with music fans everywhere.

Karma Points Economy

Drooble is a place that connects all musicians around the world giving them tools to collaborate, support each other and become better artists. With Drooble we want to change the culture of communication between musicians so they can be more supportive of one another. That’s why we introduced our karma economy system which offers an entirely new approach for collaboration and music promotion.

It's simple - If you contribute to the community and help fellow musicians – you earn points. Then you can spend those points on all tools listed above to promote your music online.