Every song you upload will be played on Drooble Radio.
- Drooble

Why work at Drooble?

You will be part of something big, something that is about to impact the lives of many people around the world for the better. We create things that matter and we craft them with our hearts. Become a part of our revolution today!

It's more than just a job. It's a mission and it's fun.
This is how we rock!

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Front-end Developer

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Full-time

Full-stack Developer

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Full-time

Community Manager

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Full-time

Quality Assurance Engineer

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Full-time


Flexible Hours

We value results, not how well our dog knows you.

Competitive Salary

We like to motivate people. You’ll be able to show off your new Stratocaster soon enough.

Owners Mentality

Ever wanted to own your boss? It’s sort of the same but you just get Drooble stock. Still, pretty cool.

Team Hangouts

We’ve got cookies. And a dog. Seriously, watch our videos, you wouldn’t want to leave.

Office Space

Our chairs will fit your beautiful behind perfectly and your desk will go up and down like “BZZZZ!” and “WHOSHH!” at the press of a button.

Meaningful Work

Doing work with Values and Love – the best reason to wake up in the morning.

Technical Challenge

Cutting-edge technology all the way! We’re working on our own particle accelerator. No, we’re not. But everything else is pretty awesome.