Witch Hazle


Lenard Morgan Pugh, also known as Witch Hazel, is a soulful writer and visionary with an expansive, esoteric insight. He has a B.A. in English and Philosophy, a Masters in Occult Science and Masters in Oriental Medicine. As an artist and activist, he specializes in writing and producing thematic Hip Hop scores for documentary directors dedicated to exposing social injustice. He recently played a role in the Frances Causey Directed " Is Your Story Making You Sick?", as well as contributing an alternative Hip Hop score for her film "The Long Shadow", on slavery and white privilege. He started off in hip hop as a battle MC on Chi Town’s underground scene during the 90’s, travelling and performing with the likes of Rubberoom, Underground Solution, Kinetic Order, Juice and many more. He went on from there to become the Program Coordinator at Talib Kweli and Mos Def’s Nkiru Center For Education and Culture in Brooklyn. There he also got chose to host and find talent for FOUNDATIONS, the famed underground open mic event exposed NY executives and talent scouts to dead prez, Zion I, Black Star, Toni Blackmon, Masouko Chipembere and more. Not only was he involved with artists from all over the world trying to bring something new to hip hop, he has also built on panels and in discussions with some of the greatest minds in black literature and art, Octavia Butler, Sister Souljah, Walter Moseley, Eric Micheal Dyson, Dr. Cornell West and Ishmael Reed to name a few. He is currently writing Black Horror scripts and managing his father , author Charles Pugh's ( Hospital Plot, Griot) catalog. His Hip Hop score for "Is Your Story Making You Sick?" is being officially released in February.