Weighbrige Axle Scales Uganda


We are the best certified electronic weighbridges axle scales supplier in Kampala Uganda. (+256(0)775259917) Weighbridges are used for industrial applications where heavy loads have to be measured. Government officials in Uganda use weighbridges to determine whether vehicles are following the guideline for roads or are overloaded. A weighbridge is used for measuring the weight of goods before the vehicles are loaded and the customers are charged according to the weight of the load supplied. Please contact us for installation of electronic weighbridges and other Vehicle Truck Axle scales and services in Kampala Uganda. If you require more than just a simple weighbridge, Accurate Weighing scales is here to help. For inquiries on deliveries contact us Office +256(0)705 577 823, +256(0)775 259 917 Address: Wandegeya KCCA Market South Wing, 2nd Floor Room SSF 036





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