W3 4R3 NUM83R5


ROMANIAN METALCORE Eastern Europe - in general - and Romania - in particular - do not hesitate to surprise us even from the musical scene point of view, birthplace for more and more artists and bands lately. More on that, the legend of Dracula and the resonant name of Transylvania awakens curiosities at least in the minds of those who do not live in these lands. Geographical belonging can also be a tiny advantage for the W3 4R3 NUM83R5 but never enough. Hard work, seriousness and passion were the main factors that led to the development of this project and its appreciation by the audience. W3 4R3 NUMB3R5 [Metalcore, RO] is somehow a continuation of the late project DELIVER THE GOD [Deathcore, RO] which included a large part of the members until 2014. With a new musical approach, much more melodic, the band has managed to consolidate this genre in its homeland and is recognized for both easy-to-remember melodic lines, brutal breakdowns, vocal lines that alternate growl with screaming and discreet electronic music inserts, and for energetic live shows. The debut album - NUM83R5 - was released in April 2018 along with the first official video for the song A New Dawn. The album was recorded and mixed at LowBass Studio, Deva under the guidance of Adrian “Bilă” Uritescu and mastered by Mike Kalajian from Rogue Planet Mastering, New York. From its inception until now, the band played lots of club concerts (including opening act for Carnifex and At The Gates) and open-air festivals (Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Maris Fest, Magura Wave Fest and others). They also won 1st place in the Newcommers Band Contest within Servus Transilvania Fest, the award for Best Concert of 2018 in Brasov at the Cultural Awards Gala organized by the Corona Cultural Consortium and participation in the semifinals of Wacken Metal Battle Romania 2018. In May and September 2020, the band released a video and a single from the upcoming album, THE RISE OF EDEN, respectively OUTNUMBERED. Currently W3 4R3 NUM83R5 is working on the production of the next full-length album and in the next period will release several singles.