Waters Thefirst


Bio: Waters started writing songs at the tender age of ten after his parents devoice & the passing of his mentor/cousin. He found comfort in writing as a way to coupe with his anger & pain. He wouldn't find that he could sing until a few years after, but when he did he took to recording himself with a tape deck boombox. In high school, he took it a step further & began recording with a team on an actual computer & recording booth. This is where he realized that he could actually make a name for himself in music. Learning to mix & engineer all on his own, he also took to creating the music & instrumentation with close friends. Waters moved to LA after having his creativity stifled in Chicago. There he would intern under one of his favorite & respected songwriter/singers Neyo & Compound. After being around one of the best, Waters decided that creating his own lane was necessary. Now Waters is not only working on being one of the best songwriter/singers out to date, but he is also building his own record label/publishing company "Covenant Life". Awaiting the release of his first EP "The Reach" The Covenant team is making quite the name on the west coast in throwing free events for those that value the culture of great music. Also giving back to the community by donating as entry to the events to causes like the LA Mission. Though Waters doesn't preform much, he makes it clear that with his art his first priority & passion are the people that are listening to the music. "That is something that will never change"- Waters theFirst





What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is a way of communication to me. I love being able to communicate with many different cultures & people, music gives me the ability to do so. It gives me the influence that can help change my community & empower those around me. Music gives me hope, in the future & present.

What is your music dream?

My dream within music is to write for the greats, & preform along side them as well.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

I would start with the mentality of mankind. I believe change starts from the inside out. The way we think is crucial to the choices we make, so i wouldn't change the world, i would allow other to change the world by changing the way people think.

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

A song i wrote for my sixth grade class. I don't remember the lyrics but i will always remember the impact it had on me to share it.

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

Sade, 6lack, Maxwell, Usher, Miguel, Amarie, Ryan Leslie, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar.

What inspires you to make music?

Living life, is my ultimate inspiration. My imagination is pretty vivid but i can't write a song without first living my life. Exploring & getting lost in the world. Thats where i believe the best songs come from.

What is the message you want to send with your music?

That anything is possible, you can live different lives within the one you lead & there is no such thing as a box when you don't allow yourself to be placed in one.

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience?

I feel great, it has always felt like home for me. I was always shy growing up but when it came to public display i always had a natural comfortability.

How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved?

I see a lot of artist being dependent on labels & hoping to make a lot of money from music when in reality that just isnt that case. The industry i believe is failing, but most are fooled by the smoke & mirrors.

What do you think of Drooble?

I have no thoughts on drooble, other than its ability to help others achieve goals within artistry.

What frustrates you most as a musician?

Nothing really i do it for me not really anything else.

Do you support your local scene as a fan? How?

Yes, i go out to shows & show my support that way.

What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience?

Be bold & not take no for an answer.