From the deep dark tunnel of corporate existence and struggling in the world of normality and a mental explosion in the brain it was decided that from the depths of this malaise it was time too.. " Pick up my Guitar and Play " and no i ain't gonna get fooled again... I'd rather be making Very Obsure . Insane Dissonance... I was once asked in an interview what is it about psychedelia and psychedelic music that you really enjoy? My Answer was It’s just that I think you can lose yourself when music has a psychedelic vibe to it… like, I remember hearing “Strawberry Fields ” for the first time and thinking “Wow!” … this really is something else, it makes its own rules, it experiments with sound like tape loops, backward drums, slowed down vocals… it just sorta takes sound to a different level. I think you hear well made psychedelic songs and your ears and brain go “What was that?! I wanna hear that again!” and I love the fact that sound experimentation never goes away and sorta remains almost timeless. I love how people have compared my “Happy Tune” to Syd Barrett — it’s just an honor to be compared to such a genius. Mind you, being a Crazy Diamond too helps ...madness is what keeps me sane