Vlad De Draculesti


Vlad de Draculesti, who originally hails from New York, is an amalgam of darker styles, inspired by genres such as Hard Rock, Darkwave, Alternative, and Gothic Metal. His music is a gateway that seamlessly bridges the Gothic Underground with the nuances of Modern Rock. He effectively demonstrates his vocal range in ‘The Vault’ with sonorous lows and clear-pitched highs. The song is an exemplary piece which also showcases the creative eloquence of his guitar work, song arrangement, and track layering. Always breaking new ground, he made his mark on the popular Lost Boys theme song ‘Cry Little Sister’, which opened the gates of collaboration with other artists, further lending credence to his bridge-over-boundaries sound. In his early years, his involvement with multiple music projects as both lead guitarist and principle songwriter, served equal parts triumph and failure, and acted as stepping stones where upon he excels today. His musical endeavors are varied in both experience and location; from cover bands, to short term projects, and from places like Seattle, to Los Angeles, and New York to San Antonio. His propensity for travel acted as a duplicitous servant, such that where one project ended, another inevitably began elsewhere. By the culmination of his musical experiences, and his stamina for the road, he took it upon himself to simply do all of the work. As such, the pursuit of this decision came at little consequence; which strengthened the longevity of his ‘one-man-band’ business structure, ensuring new accomplishments into the foreseeable future. Vlad is established on multiple major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Band Camp, and Reverb Nation. Being the sole producer of his music, he will team up with additional talent in preparation for a tour. He continues to build his following by engaging, promoting, and collaborating with other artists.