Vicky at Venue Magazine for the Deaf

Band Manager The Raven Club Cooperative

I worked with Pete DeafboyOne on his project in the early 90s we ran a venue called The Raven Club at The Mauretania Wine Bar, Park Street Bristol. The band consisted of Pete Waller, Neil Bailey, Jules, Gary Timmis, Rob Endley, Irish Paul, Vivien McGee, Boris, Hugh Murray, Dave Brayley, Sandy Dixon, Liz Du Sautoy, Johnny Furlong, Johnny B, and many more I cant remember! We were a cooperative, little or no money ever changed hands, in fact in St Werburghs Bristol where most of us lived we had a barter exchange system going. I wish it could have gone on forever. The songs were recorded in Neils studio "The Comfort Zone" Bristol and Rods studio "DeafboyOne Studio" Australia. We hope you like them. DeafboyOne is no longer on Drooble but you can catch him on Facebook Reverbnation Twitter LinkedIn Soundcloud Last FM MySpace etc His hearing name is Pete Waller