Vantage Point


Vantage Point released the album, Work Work Work at the start of 2018, ten years after debut album, Daredevil on the Shore, announced the band to the hard rock / heavy metal community. Where previous album, 2014’s Demonic Dinner Dance, was a full on concept album, the current recording has a theme that lyrically ties each song together, but each track is musically individual. Clearly the theme is about work, and the album explores the drudgery of the 9 to 5 living in the title track, the journey to work along with the rest of the comatosed commuters in Zombie Train, having to suffer shoddy workmanship in (A Bunch Of) Cowboys, and struggling with too much management and not enough workers in, (Not Enough) Indians. There are light-hearted moments throughout, with a wry look back at childhood in the track, School Days, was it true what they told you, were they the best days of your life? In Book Bus, singer, Murray Graham, dreads it’s arrival at his work, having to ferry many a child on and off it at much inconvenience, while, Love at First Night (Out) complete with a wonderful Hammond Organ solo, goes over the works night out. Before the instrumental Overtime leads in to the final track, Last Train From Hell, and your journey through a day in work is finally over, well at least for another day. From Edinburgh, Scotland, the band played their first gig in 2004, have released four albums, Daredevil on the Shore, Tomb of the Eagles, Demonic Dinner Dance & Work Work Work, along with two EP’s, Driller Killer & High Maintenance Girlfriend. They have also released four digital singles over the years, the first, Just When I Wasn’t Lookin’, in 2013, featured a guest vocalist from Martin Jakubski, who has been seen singing in the UK and Europe with the Steve Rothery Band. Tutankhamun from 2015 featured the amazing voice of Caroline Connell from Dundee band, SAZ, a stop motion Lego video for this was put together by band guitarist James Mitchell, and along with three other videos of this type can be seen on the bands youtube page. Two further singles, Love at First Night (Out) & I Belong have been released, both showcasing music from the Work Work Work album which they proceeded. Available with the former was the track, The List, featuring a guest vocal from Mercy Breheny of Edinburgh bands, Size Queen & Engines of Vengeance. With the ‘Work album now released, the band has set themselves on releasing more music, with the basis of 8 tracks put down at the end of 2017, the current year will see them in the studio completing these songs.