Valter Duarte


Don’t be the one left wishing you’d known about this artist sooner while your friends are all playing his music on repeat. Singer, writer, rapper and performer The Villain embodies all the excitement of the nations that compose his background. A child of many continents, Valter Duarte brings to life all of the projects, performances and events. His edgy yet melodic style is impossible to label as one genre or another and his performances are without doubt entertaining, full of energy and powerful to say the least. In 2015 it will be The Villain’s pleasure to bring his next exciting studio album to his fans based across Europe, UK and the US. With productions by S-man and lyrics proved in three distinct languages – The Villain’s new album will be the musical center piece of his year and the soundtrack to your summer as you get to know this powerful performer. Along side of his musical endeavours, Duarte will be making numerous appearances both acting and modelling throughout the year. What makes The Villain special is his ability to do it all but to command an audience with his humility, passion and talent. The Villain is supported and generously backed by his sponsors Gold Standard Security and Lapel Clothing, providing him the opportunity to dedicate his time to entertaining you in all the ways he knows how and this year, that’s exactly what he intends to do. Join The Villain this year and be a part of a special character, a special journey and a somebody you will be proud to support.