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Hello, Suite Family!! "Bringing RnB, Old Skool, Jazz, and Edu-tainment Flava for your ear!! Because this is how WE do it in the Suite!! I want to cordially invite you to tune into the Urban Sound Suite this and every Sunday's at 10pm (UK time/check your time zone for airing in your airing) on 102.5 FM & DAB on Black Country Radio (www.blackcountryradio.co.uk) or via streaming on your mobile devices by downloading the TuneIn or RadioPlayer app (and locking in 102.5 Black Country Radio). I also invite you to view and check in with me on my Urban Sound Suite with Matt Houston or Matt Houston fb pages on via messenger where I can acknowledge you on air. You may also email me ([email protected]) to correspond, make a request. Because this is how WE do it in the Suite!:-) The Urban Sound Suite, Back In The Houston Groove (Artist Features) and 5th Sunday Soul and Sunday Soul (Gospel Inspiration) are continuously seeking to make contact with artists/groups, managers, producers, agents, promoters, record labels, authors, poets, models, etc., to (possibly) obtain airing consideration and/or possibly an on-air appearances. If you know of anyone interested/think should email me at [email protected] or on facebook "Matt Houston" and we can possibly speak via messenger. Meanwhile, if someone you know would like to submit music for airing on the show. the following is requested: 1) All tracks must be in MP3 format* 2) At least one artist photo (.jpg only)** 3) At least one CD/Album cover photo (.jpg only)*** 4) A Bio of the artist/group to include upcoming tour/venue dates, and social media information (i.e. as extensive as possible) * (Music only) If Feature Artist consideration is desired a minimum of six tracks (ranging from earlier to new release material) (for new artists contact me to discuss options) ** (Music only) If Feature Artist consideration is desired a minimum of six photos are required (photos ranging from earlier to new release images) *** (Music only) If Feature Artist consideration is desired photos from each track cover is requested. Additionally, as plans are in the works to institute Skype on air. I request that you also connect with me on Skype.at screen name "mattdadj" (it will direct you to the Urban Sound Suite Skype page...also text/send "your name AND "Connected on LinkedIn") in the message box (so I know It isn't Spam) and also "Black Country Radio." Once you have Skype connectivity you will be able to contact me. Matt P.S. If you haven't already I request that you Visit, Review, Add/Connect (and Like as appropriate) the links below: Urban Sound Suite with "Matt" Houston - https://www.facebook.com/UrbanSoundSuite/ Matt Houston - https://www.facebook.com/Matt.HoustonTheDJ Matt Houston - Urban Sound Suite - https://www.facebook.com/urbansoundsuite2/ LinkedIn - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/urbansoundsuite Back In The Houston Groove - https://www.facebook.com/BackInTheHoustonGroove/ Black Country Radio - http://www.blackcountryradio.co.uk/ http://www.blackcountryradio.co.uk/on-air/matt-houston/ Urban Sound Suite Talk - Military - https://www.facebook.com/urbansoundsuitetalk.military/ Urban Sound Suite Talk - https://www.facebook.com/urbansoundsuite.talk/ Urban Sound Suite on G+1 - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+HeyMrDJMatt_UrbanSoundSuite Urban Sound Suite on Twitter - https://twitter.com/UrbanSoundSuite Urban Sound Suite on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/urbansoundsuite Urban Sound Suite on MySpace - https://myspace.com/heymrdjmatt Urban Sound Suite on Pinterest - https://uk.pinterest.com/urbansoundsuite LinkedIn - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/urbansoundsuite