Unit number 7

a brief history of unit number 7

formed in london in 2002, un7 relocated to hull a year later where they have continued to perform at diverse venues. there are four studio albums recorded so far, with more in the pipeline. unpeeled music mag described them as follows "Perfectly imperfect English eccentrics with enough money, time, bile and brain cells to make the statements and it’s a possibility that we don’t have the workplace mass-murders that the yanks do because our vaguely frustrated middle class, middle Englanders are chopping out some cool strat chords and forgetting the bullets and the track lists for their demo cds, so maybe Unit 7 will be loosing off the ordinance when they read that track “2” is a cool whirlpool of low-key lunatic reasonable vox and chippy, sparked up chords and that the whole thing is quite Ray Davies cum Brian Eno bumming a clean one from Pete Doherty. Which reminds me, Unit 7 are actually rather good."