Under Changeover


Under Changeover is the project from the italian-scottish musician Adriano Iiriti, coming from a piano formation and hardcore-punk training, he immersed himself into the electronic world giving birth to his first self-produced album in 2018 named “Moving”. “Moving” refers in fact to movement and the possibility to create a sound that detaches from his roots but doesn’t forget them. In 2019 plays more than 20 live shows including: at ROAM Festival as a support act with Apparat (Mute Records), at Origami Nights together with R.O.S.H. (Monkeytown Records) and opening the RACLETTE season 2020 with a visual-sonic show at Teatro Foce in Lugano-Switzerland. June 2021 arrives and with his second album “Finding You”, Adriano puts at the center of his project the persevering research of his sonic identity, emotions arising directly from his electronic “machines” and his hands, without imposing any stylistic barrier. You will hear exploding colours and energy with the snappy “Sonic”, going through romantic sounds in “Emotion 8.42” ending with club culture vibrations with “Having Guts”.