Tom Uncomely


Consisting of Russian, Latvian, an Italian and an Englishman, Uncomely are primarily inspired by the wave of grunge and punk rock bands that revolutionised music in the 1990s and 1960s. Having found a base in Leeds (UK), the band are keen collaborators and have worked with producers, artists, directors and photographers all over Europe in their quest to create challenging and authentic work, which is making them one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the scene. Uncomely's debut release - a self-produced and self-released mixtape in 2017 - was a thrilling collision of fuzz guitars and manic vocals portraying themes of addiction and mental health. 2018 saw a continuation of this through their Games People Play EP which featured the abrasive, grunge-funk-punk “Fun Times”. In 2019 Uncomely announce new single ‘Black Flowers’, with stunning and cinematic new video. Black Flowers is a fuzzy sonic rollercoaster. Cranking up slowly with the band’s trademark eerie guitars and ethereal vocals, the track plummets with foot-stomping riffs and two hands in the air catchy hooks. In some ways more akin to a symphony than a rock track, the band ebb and flow through distinct sections, climaxing with a grungey crescendo accelerando.