Tyler PSwitch Dow


PSwitch is a digital artist, rapper, and studio owner born and bred in the Bronx, NY. A creator at heart, his resume spans from rapping, acting, and content creation. This includes hosting, digital producing, directing and writing. As of most kids born in the 90’s, raised in the 00’s, his influences also span across genres. His sound includes wordplay which is layered over tracks with influences spanning from metal, pop and jazz. His most recent releases are the SON of DISCO playlist (2019) which includes his take on The Who’s classic “Eminence Front” and a “Bad Brain bootleg” entitled “Oh Sano.” His 2018 album, OH MY KOO, is the perfect culmination of the layers of his sounds and his raw aesthetic. He is the winner of the Austin Music Video Festival for his song WUFU (2016)