TruGuy Stefan

Music is My Medicine

From a very young age, music has been my haven and refuge. Through it, I could explore meaning, inspiration, imagination, and heartfelt expression. My first influences came from hearing my mother sing High Opera and my father (who sounded like Perry Como and Frank Sinatra) belting out songs by the Crooners of his time. The '60s and '70s was a rich time of such great bands and songwriters. I was always drawn to good lyrics, melodies, singers and intriguing arrangements were a wide cross-section of instruments are used. Singing and creating melodies began first. Then I picked up an acoustic guitar at 15. Over the years I have picked up and performed with a variety of other instruments such as flutes, drums, percussion, dulcimers as well as some synth. Many of my recordings are self-produced on a Mac using Garageband. So, I am not in any way a pro engineer or producer, but I do enjoy learning and getting my songs down. I love performing and composing ambient instrumentals, soundscape journey's and relaxing Flute music in addition to performing as a Singer-songwriter. I also like to explore different genre's. Everything from Indie Folk, Jazz, Country, Blues, Spoken Word, World and Fusion. My Raison D'ĂȘtre for creating and sharing music is first and foremost for feeling and connecting to my own soul and divine nature since I relate to 'harmony' as Divinely Sourced, and secondly, to inspire compassion, understanding, authentic expression, peace and more love in the world. It is a pleasure to be here with such a great supportive community. Kudos to Drooble for their ingenuity and vision to do something outstandingly in favour of the Artist and Musician.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music to me is the glue behind all manifestation. Every individual to me is a living vibration pursuing its' harmony and fuller expression. Music bridges all barriers and languages if used to truly connect with others. It gives me peace, refuge, joy, inspiration, connection and a community of kindred spirits.