Trini Lima

Blood for the Hunter / Studio Project

ON REVERBNATION AT: WEBSITE AT: FACEBOOK: “Blood for the Hunter is an idea. We are not a band...yet. For now, we are a studio project. The idea for the name came from music as an essential need in life. A give and take. For many, music is in the blood, it’s in your spirit, your soul. It’s in one’s DNA, passed down from generation to generation. It is both ethos and essence. It can be a medley, if you will. Versatile, diverse. It is life and death, vulnerable or fierce, running or hiding. It is man, woman or beast, good or evil, light and dark, nature, creation and destruction. It can rise and set like the sun, and phase like the moon...” MORE about me: I am also a live, solo, one gal band, acoustic, classic, some modern, rock and pop, cover, music artist as well, I love doing it and am passionate about my performances. My original music, and/or the music I am creating with in Blood for the Hunter is WHO I am, the primary genres mentioned above is what I really want to do and find the most fitting. I am looking forward to meeting new people on drooble, network, work with people that see my potential, appreciate it and want to do the same. I cannot get that on Facebook. Am looking forward to listening to YOUR music, meeting you, and potentially have a good, strong, working relationship. Feel free to MESSAGE me and ask questions. Thank you. Trini Post Script, Phonies with ego inflated, user, abuser, sneaky tactic "players" need not apply.