Tori Evans


At 13 yrs old Tori decided she wanted to be a singer/songwriter. She bought her first Ukulele and taught herself how to play, then started writing songs. (Turns out, they were pretty good. )Tori made her stage debut at 15yrs old at UkeFest2017 at the Hook and Ladder Theater in Minneapolis with 3 original songs... and she nailed it! Not wanting to be pigeonholed as a ukulele player, Tori taught herself how to play piano where she does most of her composing today. Now 19, Tori has written over 40 songs and has completed over 100 performances across 40+ venues throughout the Minneapolis area. Tori released her first single “Let Go” just before her 17th birthday and was quickly picked up by 3 local radio stations (The Current, KFAI, and KBEK) Releasing her first full album, “Sonder”, on Sep 1st 2021 at the iconic 1st Avenue & 7th St Entry in downtown Minneapolis. All eyes are on Tori to see what this powerhouse can do.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is my voice and a means to express my thoughts and feelings. I’m not great at talking about myself, my mood or my feelings, so I sing about it.