Subterranean Friday at XRP Radio Today!

Radio Show News! It's the return of Subterranean Friday: Artists From the Underground! Today! (March 15th). We'll once again be playing the best music from unsigned & independent artists from across the globe, featuring music from Europe, the U.S., and Australia. Listen Here: From 5-7pm (NY) / 5pm-7pm (AST) / 2-4pm (PST) / 9-11pm (UK) / 8-10am Saturday (Sydney) Featuring: The KIN'DRED, Revolution Rabbit Deluxe, Iain Boyce, Firecane, The Crazy Peace Of Mind, Rodger Pheely, Parallax Faction, Gentian, Mickey's Girl, SPIZZENERGI, World Vs. World, Johnny Horne, Tizz Shearer, Adnan Arif, Gravehuffer, I Am Trouble, The 3rd Bridge, Ivory Tower Project, JEAN CABBIE & THE SECRET ADMIRER SOCIETY, Shïppa-63, New Nobility, Spidey Spidey, Princess Planet, Lester, Ani-K & Suburban Prophets

Jean Cabbie and The Secret Admirer Society