New week, new #Firstgig story! We had a chat with Andres Johannson who shared a "lovely" story from his first gig: "First gig was forgettable at best. We were supposed to play a set of 10 cover songs at a friend's party with a bit of a break inbetween. During the first song i got too close to the audience (it wasn't a raised platform or anything), and someone messed with all the tuners of my guitars. There was no monitors or PA or anything so i could barely hear the mix. So we played maybe 1 song well and the rest were really out of tune. 5 minutes after our break, we re-tune all our gear and then the cops show up and cancel the party due to noise complaints. Also, one of the neighbours threw a beer bottle over the fence that smashed a window. After the show we're waiting outside for the maxi-taxi and someone vomits all over our guitarist's amp, and the cab ride home (incl. all the gear) was $150. We didn't even get paid for that gig haha. Ah, good times." Share your #firstgig story with us at [email protected]!

Drooble Team