A New Year's Eve memory!

It's New Years eve and I watch the old year leave with no heart on my sleeve for 2018 was a hard road and with a toot of my horn I dumped it's load into eternity as it was it always will be closure for all that grows old, years, pets, humans dear to us but no longer near to us time tends to clean up the muss and we are left to trust that we will not be next in that complex timetable of fate but it is growing late champagne drained buzz evaporated into old momories fading like 365 suns now set...forevermore Just tomorrow now...not before... because it's ..... Monday evening 12:30 A.M. and my calloused fingers at long last cease from stringing my frets. My last vocals end in a rather loud yawn, much like the sound hole on my sunrise colored hummingbird guitar. Four songs written, lyrics and music committed to memory, as I head off for the key of ZZZZZ's My guitars are all lounging in haphazard poses, like roadies sprawled in exhaustion minutes after the stage was set. These are my brothers-in-arms, sculptures of wood, chrome, and steel frozen here in a moment of weariness, after years of striving to Roll the burden of Rock up a very steep hill to fame. I write for peace of mind now, blending a piece of my mind, with the music in me. The crowds have long fallen silent, the green rooms only hold blues. But I am content, as I go to chase dreams beyond all reality that only sleep can bring. "Peace be with you and yours for all the days to come in 2019 and when it too is left behind may you realize all the ways you came to find success in your music, in your loves, in your lives.....that you never knew It will not be easy what's good never is...we supplement with the bad, but it is what's bad that makes what's good so much more incredible. and so I say Good....Bye to 2018 and to some friends who are not here to savor the new year but I know they are savoring a heaven that has no times set Just a world of exquisite eternities. ©-2019 Matthew F. Blowers III Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

Matthew Frederick Blowers