Would be great to form (read: form) a cover band with the following capable musicians looking to have fun: a bassist (with backing vox preferred), two lead guitarists (with backing vox preferred), a drummer, and *ghasp* a keyboardist. I don't suffer from the delusion that forming a cover band and playing out often does nothing more than make you an annoying friend begging others to come out to see you play far too frequently. Why not be honest and say that you want to play out once in a while instead of aggressively trying to play each weekend and beg lists of friends and acquaintances to come to your gig? If that's your thing, good for you and good luck. I'd much rather cover songs by bands as heavy as Sabbath, Maiden, Priest... To ligther styles like - Zep, Deep Purple, Classic Kiss, Early Motley Crue. Paying attention to detail and getting vocal harmonies, two guitarists, and keyboards would be fantastic. I imagine that interested musicians could certainly be in a separate band other than this one. In fact, don't even consider this one a band - instead, think of it as more of a show. When we get enough players, we'd pick a bunch of solid, hard rock songs and work toward an eventual show or shows. I myself am a lead vocalist. I know a few lead guitarist, drummers, and bassists. Really would like to meet more of them. Would definitely like to meet keyboardists. They've become the unicorns of the hard rock world and I'm starting to think they don't even exist anymore. Interested? supersonictony1972 at Y! dot com







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music gives me freedom, escape, power, ability to cope, etc.