Tommy Ferraro

A little something about moi...

I started writing poetry at a very early age. Many of these poems became songs as I taught myself the guitar to the delight of my mother who insisted I bring the guitar on family camping trips so we could sing around the campfire. I played drums as well, and in rock bands since 13 yo. My first band was "The Essence of Time," what with a change of personnel now and then, lasted on into high school with me switching from drums to guitar. Moving from the LA area to the San Diego area, I one back to drums for a while until two other guitarist joined me and created an acoustic/harmony group playing and being influenced by CSN&Y, Eagles, Beach Boys, Loggins & Messina, and other groups that had great vocal harmonies. I learned the banjo and harmonica and with another friend created "TransAtlantic Pomegranate," a comedy music duo which later morphed into Tom Foolery and the Fun Bunch, writing funny songs and, like Al Yankovic, parodied a few songs. Going solo and being influenced by my spiritual side, I assumed the name of Tomo, an affectionate term my father would call me, and wrote the songs that would appear on the album, "The Carpenter." I moved to Missouri 3 years ago but haven't had the chance to meet other musicians who wanted to just do acoustical music and harmonize. So I've been working on my book writing and have a few on Kindle under T H Ferraro, and my photography under Tomas Howe.