Tomas Enguidanos


I like lyrics that have strong imagery, that transport me to another place, or time, but somehow connect to wisdom, universal yearning, hope, love, longing, lamenting.... all fair game. I want authentic songs that the writer feels deeply, and has either observed, or lived and can write about with an intimacy of having been there. So part of the writing process is living, but living with the lens of a poet, or a story teller. I am the son of immigrants. My father was a writer, poet and Professor of Spanish Literature from Valencia, Spain. My mother was an Artist, a psychologist and an activist from Puerto Rico. These roots and the travels they led us on, have been a huge influence on me and my path as a writer, as a musician and a human. We lived in Spain for a time, and visited Puerto Rico during the summers. I fell in love with Flamenco in Spain, and Jibaro music in Puerto Rico, as well as boleros from trios like Trio Los Panchos. My mother also introduced me to Bluegrass music in Bloomington, Indiana my home growing up. I was drawn to Bluegrass, the improvisational nature, the writing that gets right down to the heart, and the wonderful harmony singing, along with virtuosic playing of the best players. Also the sense of community in Bluegrass festivals, young and old playing together, the entire community sharing music, food and drinks and friendship, based on a love of music. My travels have led me to be like a mockingbird. I learn and am inspired by the music that is around me, performed by musicians, and found in nature. The songs of living creatures, and of rivers, trees, and mountains sing to me. It is all Music, be it here in the USA, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina.... I continue to express these musical sensibilities and influences as an artist across musical borders and boundaries. I find common threads of passion, authenticity, love and hope. This is what I try to give back. To pass on this sensibility to my sons and nieces and nephews, and my students.