Tom Tierney


I started seriously playing with a band called Ashes Of Amber as a drummer in 2010 and we had some local following in the NJ scene. I started writing orchestrally with a band called Strayth that never actually did anything but I learned a lot about composing using synths, strings, and incorporating it into alternative music. From there I started doing death metal vocals with a band called Edge of Annihilation and we played a lot around NJ and NY. After that I moved to Los Angeles and played drums for two bands for three years that never managed to book a show. I was also hired onto an old school thrash band as the drummer called Whiplash, and I toured all over Europe and South America. When they let me go because "They wanted a drummer with a bigger name" I decided to concieve Our Dying World. That was in June of 2018 and we've released two songs that you can find on this profile, which I composed and performed vocals on one. We're gearing up for our first show in March and it's great to have a project that I was able to put together and actually have move in a positive direction. If you like metal, please check it out and follow us on social media! Hope to see you on the road soon!