Tom Smith


I am a 59 year old well travelled and experienced Singer / Songwriter finger picker ,who is working towards doing some recording work this year but I am kind of over the gigging thing, material already written crosses Folk, Swing and Country, particularly interested in talking to a fiddle player a fretless bass player and a flugel horn / Trumpet player, all preferably being Music readers, to be honest I am not really sure where I am going with this, mature people in mind, not necessarily in years but in attitide but this is not a deal breaker, I don't do the influences cliche, everything I have heard that I liked are my influences, looking to set up some material for professional recording if the people I talk to are genuinely interested in working with me and like the stuff, I would describe myself as a balladeer akin to JamesTaylor, Ray Le Montagne, Newton Faulkner in style but I rarely cover other people's music now hence the no gig thing, would also be interested in talking to someone who records / produces original material if even only for feedback good or bad, look forward to hearing from some of the hidden talent out there ! ;-) excuse my appalling typing skills, need to wear my reading glasses more often.