Tom Pino


Tom is a singer-songwriter from New York City who specializes in pop, rock and country. It is in NYC, where he honed his craft as the lead singer and main songwriter for the band, Ghosts of Eden. Building from the ground up, Tom took Ghosts of Eden from playing local bars to selling out and headlining major Live Nation venues and touring with national major label acts. Ghosts of Eden went on to make records with Tim Gilles (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday) and Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions). This success resulted in Tom's affiliation with the invite-only performing rights organization SESAC, where he started his own publishing company: I Like Cereal Productions. After Ghosts of Eden, Tom pursued a career in advertising, where he worked for major brands like Disney and Hulu. At the same time, Tom studied songwriting under Billy Seidman at the Song Arts Academy in New York City. It is there where he discovered his love for fusing irresistible catchy melodies with visual story telling. Last year, Tom quit his day job and moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides, writing songs with and for other artists in the pop, rock and country genres. Tom recently began work on his own artist project with producer Omer Avni (Jason Derulo, Mary J Blige), expected to be released in Spring 2019.