Todd Vandelinder


I'm just an average guy who loves music. I've been in bands as a singer and dabbled with guitar over the years and never did anything with what I learned. Then I got married, had kids, moved 900 miles away from home, and quit music all together. Jump forward 15 years later, kids are grown and gone, bored at home, so I got the urge to sing and do music again. This time I wanted to do original music but had no clue where to begin. So I started investing in equipment again and picked up a guitar bought a computer for recording my ideas and here I am. I'm not on the level as many here but I give my music my all and have heart. I don't think it's too bad for a singer who dabbles with guitar. I write all the drums and guitar parts myself at this point. The dream is to find a guitarist and flesh what I started out with a finished project we all can have a dream... that's mine