Tim Perry


I have played the drums all through school and then when I could while in life. I was first turned on to the Cajon when a band was playing at this place called the Funky Blues Shack. This original place in Destin Fl. Anyway their drummer didn't show up and I asked about the box which I figured was some sort of percussion. They offered me to try it out. I did and liked it. Guess they did to because they asked me to sit in. My first time ever playing and it was like it was made for me. So I played about 6 songs until their drummer showed up. Been hooked ever since. I have 4 mics with a 400w system 8 mic hookup. Nothing fantastic but enough to learn how to make different songs. I have done comedy years ago at the U of M. Worked my way to Thursday Night ( after being removed from the stage many times prior ) Then family things came up and changed that for a long time. I'm interested in learning more from others ideas to make different sounds ect... Peace.