Luke Martin


Luke Martin is the definition of Heart his heart is in his music that he writes and you can see it in the performance that he gives on stage . Luke has made his career off his live show by giving you an experience not just a performance you’ll leave there wanting more that’s a fact . Since 2010 he has worked very hard to shape his brand mold himself into the artist and performer he is today and continues to get better every time he steps on stage, from the small bars in South Ga to large venues all over the southeast he captures people through his persona in the live show it’s pure entertainment nothing scripted or planned he just lets the music and the crowd join together to create a moment you won’t forget . That is Luke Martin true to himself, true to his music, and above all true to his fans .





What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is a lifestyle it’s not something you can just turn on or off whenever you want to it’s always there . As a songwriter it’s my way of expression, feelings, emotions, points of few instead of talking I just write a song about it and performing it enables me to give someone listening a piece of mind so they know they aren’t the only person in the world who feels that way my songs are like a garden you plant them and give them nutrition and the essentials to grow and they flourish and become something beautiful. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and a sense of blessing when my songs touch other people.