The Involvement


The Involvement is a New York rooted band that currently resides in California. Conjuring up ghosts of Sunny Day Real Estate’s debut album Diary, The Involvement blends melodic 90’s grunge with pop punk and elements of early 90s emo. The Involvement writes songs about blind hope, naivety, the present, love, and revolution. Their infectious melodies and song construction will reel you in and their comfortable introspection will make you stay. The Involvement. Lend us your ears if you feel no fear. Tidal waves of vibrations in honor of melodies felt for generations. If expectations are a lesson, then the voice becomes a weapon. Feel the vibe. Join the tribe. Push play.



What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is something I could not understand until I jumped off the edge of myself to feel the true power.