The Ts & Cs

We are The Ts & Cs. We are Barry Cilliers (lead vocals and guitar), Levon Lock (lead guitar and vocals), Nicholas Lancaster (bass and vocals) and Gary Wright (drums). The culmination of a lifelong mutual hatred for anything fake has made us real. You have two choices: Listen to music that has a strategy behind every lyric, every melody, every beat. Everything that has been specifically designed, contrived to tick all the boxes it needs to be able make you spend your money on it. Emotionless…. Or you can listen to something real…. We are the latter, and quite incapable of the former. We are The Ts & Cs, and we put on one hell of a rock n roll show. We are currently in pre production with a new album which will be released in two parts. Our collective influences have shaped our sound into something even we can’t put a name to. It’s melodic, it’s bluesy, it’s real. Real music definitely needs a revival, and we plan on heading up the revolution.