The regular guy and his loop station

Meet the "regular" guy that loves music in many of its forms and that always dreamt of the chance to create music instantly without the need of a single instrument (though I happen to play a little guitar and piano)! Well, after many years and a dormant dream, I bumped into a music video of a portuguese comedian who happens to sing "like hell" and, guess what: he was demonstrating the Boss Loop Station RC-505. I bought mine 2 weeks after. What I intend to do with my work, is to make a simple statement: you don't really need special beatboxing skills or even musical skills to make music that may, at the minimum, speak to your own taste and - here comes the most important aspect - get a HELL OF A KICK whilst doing it! It's the best toy a music-loving adult could get... trust me! Hope you like the tunes I've been creating despite the fact that I don't really take the time producing them nicely (nor would I know how to). As I said, I just want to show YOU, regular guys out there, what you may expect to be able to do right after unpacking your own loop station. Words of warning: I'm not a beatboxer nor a karaoke expert!