The Looniest Toon

The Looniest Toon

Hi! I am The Looniest Toon! I am a Bedroom Pop Artist who collaborates with musicians all over the Country! I'm looking for new and creative ways to fund my projects, pay the musicians and artists I collaborate with, and grow the DIY art scene! I am extremely excited to say I am working on some incredibly cool projects with musicians and artists all over! One project I have been working on is a web series on YouTube called the Nighty Night Concert Series! This is a weekly live stream of mini concerts, interviews, and jams with The Looniest Toon and guest artists. Another project is a collaborative album called Project Loon. This album will be co-written and featuring different indie artists all over the Country! The newest project I am working on is the Eclectic Collection, An artist organization and network that provides affordable DIY events for the community. Along with all of this, I am also working on writing another solo album, acquiring gear, and saving up money to tour around the Country while I pay my way through Graduate School.