Terry Pring


BoyScout real name Terry Pring is a London based DJ/ Producer who for the last fifteen years been on a journey of self-discovery, finding his way and his sound through his love of dance music, first introduced to the dance music by his uncle when he was sixteen years old. BoyScout became obsessed with Djing when his uncle showed him some DJ tricks from then BoyScout went on to develop and grow within music learning as music as he could from DJing to music production. With his first release (May 1st 2018) BoyScout wanted to create a sound that not only represented himself but the foundation on what he has be taught by his idols. “House is a feeling” and with that ‘’Close Your Eyes’’ was created, the first of three major digital releases coming for summer 2018. With a pre-release promotion tour in Albufeira, Portugal BoyScout also grabbed the attention of Kiss FM Algarve located in Albuferia, who have been giving ‘’Close Your Eyes’’ some radio air time. Recently BoyScout did a post release tour in Sicily visiting both Palermo and Cefalù introducing the people to his take on dance music. As dance music as evolved over the years so has Terry as he has played under a wealth of names a recent addition to this list of names is BoyScout a name he got given when playing a local residency in London, where he was always making sure the sound never redlined in the booth... true story. Over the last 15 years from his very first gig in the busy west end of London (Playrooms) to visiting the beautiful island of Ibiza playing at Space BoyScout has grown with the music he passionately follows. ‘’Over the years, I’ve been to some amazing venues seen some amazing places but the one thing that still amazes me is how dance music makes people feel’’ With only five years of production behind him, BoyScout has read the book, tore the book up and re wrote it… his way teaching himself how to produce, mix and master music. To deliver his sound to the world to feed the craving appetites of dance music lovers world-wide. ‘’I have no formal qualifications in music… but the one thing I do have is a love and passion of what I’m doing’’ With two more major release still to come there are a lot more surprises still to come, next up will be Ti Troverò a dance music track with the vocals of Peppe Pagano an Italian rock singer making his first appearance in to the world of dance music. ‘’Italy has a special place in my heart and I wanted to make something that the people of Italy could enjoy and love as much as I love italy’’ Ti Troverò is due for release late July early August 2018 and will be a follow up to ‘’Close Your Eyes’’ taking over momentum and keeping that summertime vibe going.