Steve Vriese

Soul Selector Biography in short

English Version: Soul Selector & Soul Selector Feat. The Elementz is a concept idea of Steve. The name Soul Selector originated by the sample based music influences of my favorite periods "Soul" the 70's, "Selection" of the 70's - 80's and 90's, together forming "Soul Selector​". It is suitable for club performances, acoustic sessions and live band "on events and big festivals". Live band performance is where the addition of The Elementz comes true, this is the band, the background singers in short, the missing elements to complete it Live.  The music Although it's instrumental music, it leaves a lot of space for vocals. The idea is to make music for young and old who are contemporary with a clearly recognizable Head Boppin 'old school feel n flow that will certainly bring up memories for the older generations. Rain or Shine I Want to hear it 24/7, "This is making me feel good and puts a smile on my face every day​" is what my music needs to radiate.  The style I call it: Hiphoppalounge, there is danceable Hip Hop influence and Loungy for his sweet chilly relaxation feel. (It's music that you can dance to, listen quietly or play as background music during meals or dinners).