Steve Phelps


HELP!!!.......I'm a 63 year old good ol' boy guitar player, been one for 53 years....I've been writing my own Praise and Worship songs, both lyrics and melody, on a couple guitars, I have some videos on my IPad, and put some on Facebook...I've played lots of church and Praise and Worship events, folks love my songs.......I've got 6-8 songs under my belt, all Praise and Worship, and some what I think great Instrumental Gospel songs played on my Blueridge dreadnought::Battle Hymn of the Republic, being my favorite......My question is, WHERE do I BEGIN, to get exposure for my songs???Only 2 are demo'd, and i am almost 100%illiterate, as to putting anything on here......Can I upload some of my videos on here???What about recording my songs, and getting them on here, for honest feedback??I'm a 'babe in da woods' dealing with all this technical stuff, I'm MUCH more happier playing my guitar and writing songs,than tending to this tedious stuff....HELLLP!! Peace and love, Steve Phelps.........