Stephane Laporte


I am just a music enthusiast, I'm really found of music the broadest way if I shall write so ... I do play the clarinet the classical way in a symphonic orchestra ( but I love also to mess up with many many other genres with my (real) clarinet, guitar, bass, eventually trumpet and any kind of MIDI instruments (like accordion !) especially in classic jazz mode ( I revere Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington... ) or modern jazz/Klezmer (David Krakauer...) or classic rock/folk (Beatles, Led Zep, U2...) , or reggae (UB40 ..) or any kind of mood (including chanson française of course, in particular Brassens & Gainsbourg ... !) ... My inspiration goes from covering great tracks I heard on the radio (Merci FIP ! what a great multi genres radio) to creating what could be called songs from ideas of the moment reflecting personal experience ...I usually finish the music before finding lyrics ^^ Anyway, my tracks are quickly done before the idea/feeling flies away, usually on the WE ! Le bonheur est dans le pré like we say in France (happiness is in the fields) ... As a matter of fact, I enjoy exploring different musical horizons, experimenting... fiddling with Cubase ...and supporting my musician friends on Sc or any other platform !! :)) I started with Soundcloud which has been a real wonderful discovery for me in 2013 and I send a big merci to its creators and to the very kind people for listening to my very serious re-creations ? I am very very happy to have collaborated with wonderful musicians you'll find in my "collaboration & jam" playlist ? All recent tracks : Have fun playing music ! PS : Nothing pleases more than interacting with other musicians and trying fun experiments with the clarinet - what a wonderful instrument ! having some musician friends from anywhere in this small planet getting inspired to play/sing on humble tracks make me tremendously happy !! Let me know if I forgot to make them downloadable and let me know if you want the stems to play with ! All the very best Steph