Soundbox berlin Room


.. 1972 - 1982.. Education at "Knabenmusik Meersburg" (international known youth orchestra) approx. 600 international performances 4 recordings of various television and radio shows professional/subject: drums and occasionally transverse flute .. 1978 - 1982.. entrance to the dance- and showband "EMINO- PARS" drums, panpipes more than 250 international performances .. 1983 - 1984.. vocational school Friedrichshafen training as ornamental ironworker. ..1984 - 1990.. Training as Drumteacher at Drumschool "Dante Agostini" Munich and "Drummers Focus" Cloy Petersen Munich. ..1988.. Winner of Bavarian POPMUSIC-Price with the Band "Trip to China". ..1989-1990.. Russian-German musician exchange Organizer, invitation and production Moscow, Berlin, Munich. ..1991.. Drumschool opening "die Blechtrommel" Berlin. ..1993.. re-open Drumschool with sound-studios in arts society "" Berlin. ..1995.., SISC, Plan9,Girlsclub Songfestival and many more.Sideman at "SPACE HOBOS" Berlin. ..1996 - 2009.. Bandleader "" Plays Movie- and Television tunes every sunday LIVE at Sessioncafe more than 600 shows. ..1999.. Foundation of the band "Formwandler" one of the first d&b LIVE Bands in Berlin. ..2000.. start up managing director internet website "" handmade instrument loops database. .. 2000 - 2003.. Drumteacher youth club RENNER Berlin. Sideman at "TSO" Dresden. .. 2004.. Blechtrommel change to "" and move in a new location. ..2007.. "kickt me on" cinema movie over me directed by Efgan Fahrali. .. 2008 ..the brand new Trip Hop Band around the world "Living in my Headphone" and Bigband-formation "Jive Park". .2009.. performances at OpernPalais Berlin by Jazz Radio Berlin several club gigs in and around Berlin. Drumteacher at Musicschool "Johann Sebastian Bach" Potsdam. 2010.. launching the Website "VSD" 2011 work on OHP and ..........double bassdrum, and good work with 2012 change the studio location, freelance teacher....;-) now, play´s any gig´s with Dirk Ende Tricky D. and Wort Ton. Works on a new musiccampconcept. 2013 silence :-( 2014 work with my triphop band "living in my haedphone" also teaching and living. 2016 open the "" a rehearsal and streamroom