Sorcha Bell

A history

Born in the 1980’s in a suburb. A not-so-closeted freak I explored music from an early age with the violin and children’s chorus. My poor violin teacher was kidnapped and murdered. Sadly I couldn’t keep going with the violin, I did try for a few more years though. I pushed myself further as a vocalist and full throttle into theater both at school and in the Rochester community. I placed high in classical music competitions beginning at 15. I was a 16 year old student at Eastman School of music on fellowship and placed highly in several competitions there as well. At 17 I enrolled at Mansfield University in PA for Music Performance. There I was schooled further in theory and history. I started playing several instruments in order to complete my education there. I realized at age 20 I really loved rock and modern music. I was touring Europe as a classical soloist when I decided to have this revelation. Sadly I had turned down some interesting opportunities when I was 17 in order to pursue my education. After graduating I worked in a local music shop and my brilliant boss and I had countless conversations about music: bands, artists, instrumentation. The man could play anything and fix anything. I got to know hundreds of local artists and enjoyed seeing shows and getting down with the local scene. During that time I directed the lesson program and had a few hundred students coming and going. I also taught voice on the side, sang in a jazz group and was a nude model. Then I made babies and everything ground to a halt. We moved to Ohio and then back to NY and have settled near the Niagara Falls American and Ontario Canadian border. My husband is also a musician and we have put together a few awesome shows over the years. These days the kids are off the hip and I am chomping at the bit to put together a more permanent group to play great music. I have so many ideas and I want to smoosh them together with other people’s great ideas. Hit me up if you live in western NY, Ontario Canada, North East Ohio or Erie PA.