Skotie Carino

My approach to me

I can't sing so I simply pour it all into the bass. Soloing is an animal that may never be tamed but I am at least game. The professional side of my musical carrier has been primarily in the world of heavy metal and some of it's more extreme styles. I've played with many fusion musicians as well as rock, punk, some cover guys, country, reggae monz, and so on but heavy metal has (and still does on occasion) taken me around the world to many different continents and has introduced me to so many cultures of interest and amazing people. I'd love to find a group of like minded, experienced rock/jazzy musicians that are simply not afraid to "put it ALL out there", encounter the occasional embarrassing moment, laugh, move on, and be honest not only with their abilities but the rest of the group when need be. I am NOT looking for a cover band situation AT ALL (unless the money is ridiculous) but more of an original project. I am rapidly growing tired of musicians not living up to their own self proclaimed level of amazing accomplishments and talent. Time I may have but I prefer not to waste it.