Music mogul “Antoine Roundtree,” professionally known as (Skee-Lo), was born March 27, 1975–on the southside of Chicago IL. Subsequently, he relocated to New York in 1983, where he was first introduced to hip hop culture. Skee-Lo would later write about this experience in a future composition entitled “Superman.” In 1985, Skee-Lo relocated to Los Angeles, CA–(Leimert Park), and later he attended El Camino college near Crenshaw Blvd from (1993-1994). It was during this time, he began performing at a local rap club for MC’s called “the Goodlife” The Goodlife rap club is best known for discovering west coast talent like (Kurupt, Pharcyde, Ahmad, Souls of Mischief, Volume 10) and more. Skee-Lo’s first hit album “I Wish,” was produced by the artist at his house; as he would often prepare songs each week for his upcoming “Thursday night” performance at the rap club. Skee-Lo's first hit single "I Wish" was released in the summer of 1995; by Scotti Bros./Sunshine Records. The single reached (#13 on the US Billboard "Top 100" charts, #3 in the UK, #4 in Sweden and #4 in Norway. Skee Lo's second single, "Top Of The Stairs;" reached (#75 on the U.S. Billboard "Top 100" R&B charts and #35 in the UK). The "I Wish" album, which has (10 songs) written and produced by "SKEE-LO;” also reached (#37 on the U.S. Billboard "Top 100" R&B charts). In 1996, I Wish by Skee-Lo received two (2) grammy award nominations for "Best Rap Album" and "Best Rap Solo Performance." he also received three (3) Billboard music video award nominations for "Best New Artist," "Best Clip of the Year" and "Maximum Vision Clip of the Year.” In 1997, Skee-Lo debuted as an actor on television shows like "Baywatch Nights," "Goode Behavior" and "Dangerous Minds" (tv series). Shortly thereafter, he became a VJ & television Host on tv shows like– MTV (The Beach House) and MTV (The Grind). In 1998, Skee-Lo produced Mr. Morton for the “Schoolhouse Rocked” compilation album; and co-wrote "I'll Be Your Everything" by the boy band group “Youngstown,” for the 1999 “Inspector Gadget” movie. Skee-Lo took a hiatus from the music scene in 2000; due to a dispute with previous record label “Sunshine Records;” but not before obtaining publishing rights to his music catalogue. He later returned to the music industry in 2010; rebranding himself as a label executive and working behind the scenes to help independent talent. In 2012, Skee-Lo signed a digital distribution agreement with Sony/Orchard via WhatevaOK Entertainment; under the guise of Lamar Leggard, (Director of Digital Operations) for Sony/Orchard. Skee-Lo is one of few artists who owns publishing shares of the music he’s written over the years; which is now licensed by (Modern Works Music Publishing) on the artists behalf. He’s worked with major brands such as–(ESPN, Family Guy, the Simpsons, Toyota) etc. Toyota Ads soundtracked by Skee-Lo ``I Wish,” were featured in Super Bowl 2013, and Blender Magazine lists “I Wish by Skee-Lo'' as: “#359–Greatest songs since you were born.” Today, Skee-Lo has shared the stage with artists such as (James Brown, Notorious BIG, Aliyah, Naughty By Nature, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Stevie Wonder). He still performs routinely at various music festivals and NBA halftime events; ( Pre COVID–19 ). Skee-Lo is also the CEO of MUSICMOGUL ENTERTAINMENT; a non-profit association that provides (Do-It-Yourself), digital distribution services to independent artists worldwide.