Simone Albanese


Simone Albanese, born in Milan, start playing and studying music since an early age under the guidance of some of the best Italian and international teachers such as Cecchetto, Lueke, Cerri, Coley, Garzone, Ferrara. Graduated from Civica Jazz in Milan In Jazz guitar performance in 2007, during his career he performed with artists as Franco Cerri, Peter Howarth, Daniel Betancourt, Mo Pleasure, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Nathan Foley, Fabio Giachino, Monday Orchestra and many others. His passion towards music took him to develop skills and knowledge on many different music styles, as jazz, funk, rock, country, pop, indie and make versatility one of his strengths. Simone received numerous awards among which Nuoro jazz Festival best student ,Bergamo jazz festival best arrangement, best arrangement Tirreno festival. Simone also has a passion for composing and arranging, in almost every genre, from modern jazz to country music. Beside the live performance and studio career he’s been a teacher for more than ten years in some of the most prestigious Milan schools.