Silvia Gers


When Silvia turned 6, her parents had already put her first musical instrument in her hands: the bandurria. The daughter of Spanish musicians, she quickly drank the musical baggage of her parents. His first concerts were within the popular folklore of the Canary Islands. Already at 12 years of age, he was sub. Director of the rondalla and soloist of Conjunto Canario. Like everything, when it grows the changes begin, and there, is that it will take a new step dedicating itself completely to the composition of songs, and with the instrument to which he will devote his full attention: the guitar. Throughout her career, Silvia was able to fuse her passion for music with teaching, and for several years she dedicated herself to teaching in schools in marginal areas of the province of Buenos Aires. He was part of the first Argentinean heavy metal band integrated only by women: Las Brujas. He was guitarist of legendary musicians of the national rock: Edelmiro Molinari (Human Color-1997/98), Alejandro Medina (ex- Manal-1997), Yabor. He shared the stage with artists such as León Gieco, Ara Tockatlian (Arco Iris), Juan Falú, Vox Dei, Los Violadores, Letal, El Reloj. During the years 2002, 2003 and part of the 2004 realized an extensive tour, of independent way, by Spanish territory receiving a great answer on the part of the public. With regard to solo recordings, he has "Ángel de Sueños" recorded in 2000 "Sin Trato" (2008) with the special participation of the singer Teresa Parodi and "Aires de Libertad" (2015), who was nominated At the Gardel Awards 2016 as best album of author song and testimonial.







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