Silvana Scarabello


Silvana was born in Foggia, on the 27 of April 1977. When she was 18 she discovered a deep passion in music and immediately began to deepen. Silvana followed several artists on tour, among them: Manuela Villa, Giuseppe Cionfoli, Lorenzo Zecchino ... In 2000 she was involved in the tv show "Pop Star" (Italia 1) presented by Daniele Bossari. In 2002 she moved to Rome, to improve her singing technique at "Percentomusica" music academy, in 2003 she graduated and in 2005 she's got her master's degree in pop singing (SPERO). Silvana studied pop with: Marco D’angelo, Claudia Arvati, Gianluca Perdicaro; jazz with: M.Pia DeVito; Coro con: Ciro Caravano; vocal technique with: Pietro Bisignani,Claudio Fabro. In 2006 she attended a training course in LA taught by Giovanna Gattuso, focusing her studies on the language of Jazz with local famous musicians and she performed in the "S.Gennaro Festival" in Hollywood. In 2007 she became member of "Incanto" a gospel choir directed by Pietro Bisignani, often working with Charlie Cannon. She is the singer of the "Road Block" since 2004 and of the acoustic duo "Blues Factory". Voice Teacher since 2005