Silent Chaos


Silent Chaos is a musical project whose intent is to dig deep into human being, to bring to light those archetypal images, which are the language of psyche, hidden in the unconscious. All this to aim to decode the present world and the current mankind. Silent Chaos is born on winter 2016 in Rome (Italy), from the close encounter of Ugo Vantini (electronic percussions, loops, ambience) and Marta Noone (eurorack modular synth, voice, fx programming), two musicians of far different musical origins and experiences. Their music nourishes of non-linear time, of conceptual and performing circularity: ancient and futuristic sounds advance in a spiralshaped way. Music is structured but not predictable, in an impromptu composition based on improvisation. Past, present and future times mash up in ancient sonorities and electronic twistings, filtered through the personal musical experiences. They have left behind, as in a surrealist painting movement, every formality of instrument’s classic execution. Silent Chaos music can’t be quickly consumed, it deserves all the attention due to the telling of the journey that every composition represent.