Serge Barbaro


It’s at the age of fifteen that Serge, fan of Hard Rock, learns the riffs of his favourite Guitar Heroes. His opening on all forms of musical expression, going from classical music to the most worked out progressive rock, have quickly attracted his attention to a wide panel of sounds and instruments secrets which he will undertake to control. Reinforced by a solid practical experience within numerous groups around Toulouse (France), his eclecticism leads him to synthetize all that he liked to play and to listen by composing his own sound grinding. His already recognizable style although not limitative and a dense enough repertoire have allowed him to record his First self produced CD in 1995 : "Fly Away" Then, it is with a band of friends, that Serge could bring his plan to the stage at the end of the nineties. His graphic designer Mark Eaton, becoming then his lyricist, new pieces are written in a more orientated progressive rock style. Of this collaboration will be born in 2001 SKEEM project and the eponymous Cd distributed by Muséa. Thanks to a worldwide distribution although confidential, Skeem received a good reception by the critics. Skeem will be chosen by Muséa to appear on their compilation "A trip in progressive - volume 7" issued in 2002 with the title "The last word ". At the beginning of 2000s Serge will participate in numerous local projects as a composer musician or arranger. 2008 was highlighted by the creation of the MSA Project, the trio “formed” by Mitch (music and guitars “extraordinaire”, Alex (theme and lyrics), and finally Serge on vocals. In 2011 MSA recorded “ISTREE” with several guests like Tony Marcos on drums, Patrick Nivesse on bass, and Oreema on backing vocals. Late 2008 Serge decided to go back into the studio to record a new Skeem album, not knowing that it would take almost 5 years to complete the project. “Just suggesting” was released in October 2013 and is also distributed by Musea. As the eponymous one, “Just suggesting” received good critics from around the world. Since then, Serge has been working on many new songs, some of them thanks to the long term collaboration with Alex Garcia.