Second Wind


Born out of a desire to bring highly relatable, melodic hardcore back to where it started, Second Wind has had a take-no-prisoners approach to music since the beginning. While their hook- and riff-driven songwriting forms their sonic foundation, Second Wind's mission goes far deeper than their catchy tunes. Lyrics in each song are carefully-crafted journeys of self-reflection, appreciation for the blessings of life, questions about painful problems, and struggles with today's moral issues. Second Wind is ready to carry the torch into deeper transparency within this genre.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

I love the chance to be learning every day. In many respects, a lot of us only allow ourselves the chance to be happy when we've "arrived" or "made it". I learned a few years ago this is foolish. Being able to enjoy the journey is just as important as being able to enjoy success. In addition to that, I've been extremely honored to work with some of my favorite names in the music industry, whether it be sharing the stage at a show, or working on a recording project together. - Brad